Canada’s Cleaning Crew is a fully licensed and bonded professional cleaning service company dedicated to excellent customer service.


Our extensively trained staff is courteous, reliable, and detail oriented. We pride ourselves on establishing a trust-based relationship with our clients by providing top-notch service in Ottawa, Orleans, and Kanata.

“Blissfully clean, every time!”®

Our clients have high standards; We aim to meet those standards on every visit, because we understand that a truly spotless environment can provide satisfying peace of mind. Our clients can completely rely on us to deliver consistently high quality results, hassle-free.

Enlist our services so you can truly relax.

 Giving Back to the Community

Not only are we committed to customer service, we are also committed to giving back to our community. We frequently partner with organizations such as the March of Dimes and other reputable agencies to provide individuals with invisible disabilities the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our comprehensive training and mentorship programs offer our staff the chance to develop valuable work skills, and emphasize the importance of providing high quality service.

Brittany MacKay is the perfect example of this: check out her success story here.


Our clients can feel good knowing that by supporting Canada’s Cleaning Crew, they are supporting their community – it is an amazing feeling!

What We Pride Ourselves On:

  • Fast, professional, and courteous staff.
  • Clear, and concise fee structure and contract with no hidden fees.
  • Building relationships based on trust.
  • A 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.
  • Professional communication and implementation of client feedback.
  • Green and chemical free product options.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?

Improper cleaning techniques can result in damage to a home that requires expensive repairs. For example:

  • Using the incorrect product on a surface such as marble, granite, or hardwood floors can stain or damage the surface.
  • Stainless steel can be easily marked and scratched by using a improper products and equipment.
  • Dragging  items out of the way while dusting can cause irreparable damage – carefully lifting items up and out of the way ensures nothing is scratched, dented, or marked.

Using the right products and techniques requires more time and effort : because we care about our client’s environments, we do not take any shortcuts.

Get Rewarded!

Because we sincerely value our clients’ loyalty, we offer an exciting rewards program with the opportunity to earn points and gift cards towards cleaning services. Check out our rewards program here.

Request a quote, or book now so your environment can be “blissfully clean, every time.”®

We will provide you with a quote ON THE SPOT. You get to decide when you TAKE YOUR TIME BACK.


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