The founding of Canada’s Cleaning Crew was a true labor of love. The owner and founder  appreciates the value of a blissfully clean environment!

After obtaining a degree in criminology from the University of Ottawa, the owner spent many years working exhausting twelve hour shifts for the police force.

After a long, difficult shift, all she wanted to do was come home to a fresh, clean house and put her feet up.

However, her hectic work schedule with the police force meant that she couldn’t find the time to clean her house herself.


But when she tried to find a reliable, high quality cleaning service in her area, she was frustrated by the lack of suitable options. She was constantly faced with inconsistent results, and unprofessional cleaning staff. Her previous work experience in the commercial cleaning industry gave her intimate knowledge of cleaning best practices, and too many of the available cleaning services simply weren’t following them.

After relocating the Ottawa, she decided to try again. Although she no longer faced long and demanding shifts, she instead faced an entirely new problem: finding a job.

Being Hard of Hearing, she found it difficult to secure reliable employment, despite her university degree and extensive work experience.

Remembering her frustration while trying to find a quality cleaning service, she decided to solve both problems at once – so she founded a cleaning company!

“We want to build a trust-based relationship with our clients by providing a caring cleaning service, and a strong work ethic.”

The founder’s unique background allows her to understand the needs of both her clients and her staff.

She understands the frustration of searching for a dependable, trustworthy cleaning service, and also the frustration of being overlooked because of an invisible disability.

Canada’ Cleaning Crew merges the owner’s strengths: providing a superior, high-quality cleaning service, and giving back to the community.

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