Why is it that after you go to the hairdressers, your hair is perfectly coiffed and shiny as can be, not a flyaway in sight – but the next day, when you try to style it, it turns into a frizzy mess?

Because hair dressers are professionals!

They know the little tips and tricks to get your hair to cooperate. They’ve done it a million times, and learned the methods that work the best. If you knew what they knew, maybe you could get your locks to look as bouncy as Kate Middleton’s blow-out!

It’s the same idea with cleaning. When we clean your house, we use all the tricks up our sleeve to get your house spotless. We know a few secrets to getting things deep-down clean that we’ve learned over many years. And we might be persuaded to share those secrets with you!

If you sign up with your email, you’ll receive a handy dandy e-book with 5 of those secrets to getting your bathroom – arguably one of the hardest rooms in the house to really keep clean – fresh and fabulous! The e-book has all the info you need to get your sink, toilet, counter top and floors sparkling.

And no need to use harsh, smelly chemicals! We give you homemade cleaning recipes that work just as well – or better – than what you’re used to keeping under your sink. Not only are these homemade cleaners better for your lungs and skin, they are much cheaper! And unlike your Great Aunt Mildred, we are willing to part with our recipes.

In the cleaning industry, there is no binding oath to prevent us from spilling our secrets. So consider this our gift to you! Once you use the tips in our e-book, your bathroom will no longer be the germ-y, mildew-y disaster it’s been until now.

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You’re welcome!


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