Your Shoes are More Gross than Your Toilet!

You might have grown up with parents who made you take off your shoes before you came in the house. As a kid, it was the biggest pain in the butt – you just wanted to grab a Popsicle from the kitchen, it would only take two seconds. But your parents may have been onto something. As it turns out, shoes are pretty disgusting!

E coli bacteria on shoesIn a  study conducted by the University of Arizona, the bottoms of shoes were sampled after normal wear. 96% of the shoes tested in the study contained large amounts of coliform bacteria!! That’s the bacteria that comes from POOP. Here’s just some of the bacteria types they found:

  • E.Coli: can cause intestinal and urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  • C. difficile: a bacterium that causes colon inflammation – it is resistant to antibiotics!
  • K. pneumoniae: as you might guess, can cause pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • S. ficaria: can lead to respiratory tract infections.

None of those bugs sound very nice. And guess what?

They don’t stay on the floor – 90% of those bacteria are transferred to other surfaces in your house!

To put it in perspective: a toilet seat tends to have about 1000 “units” of bacteria – the bottoms of your shoes could have up to 400,000! That’s 400,000 units of disgusting, illness-causing bacteria hat could be transferred throughout your nice clean house.

Think of all the places your shoes have been: public restrooms, sidewalks, coffee shops… there are so many opportunities for bacteria to sneak a ride on the bottoms of your kicks. And the more you walk, the more debris you pick up to feed those hungry microbes, so they continue to thrive. Not to mention all the DIRT. Tracking in dirt can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your floors as the particles are ground into the pores, especially tile and hardwood.

So before you traipse through your house, un-lace those sneakers!


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