What We Are All About

What We Are All About

We are a crew that cleans like it’s our job… because it is!

But we are more than that: we are part of our community’s heart. (Cheesy or not, it’s true!)

about canada's cleaning crewWe started this business to provide a service – cleaning – but we provide so much more than that. We provide jobs, we provide opportunities to lift people up to their full potential. Many of the wonderful people who have worked with us in the past have gone on to managerial positions elsewhere, or started their own businesses. And we think that’s fantastic! We have high standards and expectations of our crew, and we give good, hard-working people a shot to meet and exceed those expectations.

Business isn’t just about making money (although that’s nice too!) – it’s about contributing, giving back, and being part of something.

Part of that “something” is helping YOU! Our crew is trained in top notch techniques to get things done the right way, the professional way. You have enough responsibility in your life! Between career, family, and  hobbies, there are hardly enough hours in a day. Whatever precious spare time you have left shouldn’t be spent cleaning. Life is too short!

But, if you insist on doing some of the cleaning, check out the rest of our blog! We give you easy tips on how to clean smart, so you can save time (and elbow grease!). Our tips come right from our policies: we always practice what we preach. There is a reason we do things the way we do, and we want to share that information with you! And, while you’re at it, sign up for our mailing list to get a free e-book chalk full of bathroom cleaning tips: get your tiles gleaming and your floors sparkling without using any crazy chemicals. Yes, it is possible!

So, check out the rest of our blog, grab our fabulous e-book, and drop us a line when you’re ready to stop wasting time cleaning!

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