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Convey a professional image with a spotless business environment.

Blissfully Clean, every time!®

The effort and care that you put into your business should be reflected in the physical space that you work in. Professional cleaning services can help you to outshine your competitors – literally! 

Our experienced commercial cleaners understand the importance of providing high quality, efficient cleaning services to your business. Polish your professional image and your workspace with our affordable cleaning packages

What We Offer To Give You Peace of Mind:

  • The most competitive flat rate regular cleaning packages in the area! (We also offer hourly rates, but our flat rate packages offer you even more value for your money.)
  • Consistent staffing: you will receive service from the same cleaners every time.
  • Highly attentive cleaners with a systematic, detail-oriented approach.
  • Accommodation of your specific cleaning needs and product preferences.
  • Easily accessible customer service: you can always reach us!
  • Fully bonded and insured practice.
  • Discretion and confidentiality.

What We Can Clean:

Special event venues: weddings, conferences, business networking events. Medical and dental offices. Commercial business spaces: government buildings, small business offices, corporate, offices, churches, public and private school and daycare facilities. Property and real-estate: pre and post sale or rental turnover.

The services that we provide for your location or business:

turn over iconApartment Turnovers: We can ensure that when new tenants move in, they feel as if they are entering a brand new home. Our expertly trained crews perform a detailed cleaning of vacant apartments and homes, guaranteeing they’re pristine for your next tenant.

floorcleaningFloor Cleaning & Maintenance: Dirty wax build-up is not only unsightly, it can cause costly damages to your floor. Using our professional floor maintenance services will drastically prolong the life of your floors. 

postconstructioniconPost Construction: Building contractors rely on Canada’s Cleaning Crew to remove dirt, dust and debris that construction crews leave behind. We provide the expertise and elbow grease, so your newly constructed space is fresh and ready for business.

carpet cleaningCarpet Cleaning: Using professional, commercial-grade equipment, our team of specially trained technicians will tackle high traffic areas to remove stains and dirt both on top of, and deep within, your carpet.

janitorialComplete Janitorial Cleaning Services: Reliable janitorial services are an important aspect of any professional building – a clean environment conveys an attitude of professionalism. We ensure that your space is clean, sanitary and inviting.

Request a quote, or book now so your environment can be “blissfully clean, every time.”® We will provide you with a quote ON THE SPOT.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Tyros Restaurant - Adnan

Property Management - Lance

It has been my pleasure to work with Canada’s Cleaning Crew.  As a new Realtor, I was happy to meet them and they are always prompt, friendly and eager to assist to ensure they have completed a thorough job.

Shani Guerin

We were pleased to see the professionalism of your employees who were not afraid to do extras. The cleaning services your company provided were great and if the need arise again, we will certainly consider your company.

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