Community Success Story: Brittany MacKay

Business is about more than just providing a product or service.

It’s about being part of the community.

But being part of the community is about more than an address. It’s about giving back – because without the people of your community, you’d have no employees, and you’d make no money.

Giving back isn’t just about making monetary contributions to local charities, although that’s great too. At Canada’s Cleaning Crew, we tend to think of giving back as reaching out to your neighbours, offering a helping hand to someone who just needs a little boost to get where they want to go.

That’s why we often work with the March of Dimes Canada to employee people with disabilities. A disability shouldn’t determine someone’s worth, or influence the kinds of opportunities they receive. We truly believe in the March of Dimes Mandate:

To maximize the independence, personal empowerment and community participation of people with disabilities.

It isn’t about handouts, or pity. It’s about empowerment, and recognizing that someone has more to offer than their disability. That’s why we hired Brittany MacKay from the March of Dimes. She has an invisible disability, and though she dreamed of becoming a manager, she had a tough time taking the first step on the corporate ladder. We could see her potential, and knew she’d make a great fit. And she was  a great fit: she quickly became a vital part of the team. She was hard working, dedicated, and positive.

We trained and taught her, but she taught us too.

After some time with us, she had enough experience under her belt to confidently apply to management positions.

She is now a proud manager at Starbucks!

“I am so forever grateful for Canada’s Cleaning Crew who gave me this job opportunity to help me to grow in my skills and now I am a store manager at Starbucks- without Canada’s Cleaning Crew’s help then I wouldn’t be the store manager at Starbucks- thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!”

– Brittany MacKay

Although we miss her, we are so glad she’s happily reaching for the stars.

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